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June 2011
This study, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, in 2009, supported the efficacy of the Functional Movement Screen in football players during off-season training. The system was important in discovering asymmetries within the body (a known predictor of injury in the athlete), as well as providing a consistent therapeutic approach at correcting the problems, among others.

April 2011
A study published last month in The Jounal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine revealed that patients who received chiropractic care for work-related low back pain had a lower incidence of disability at one year post-injury than similar conditions that were treated with medicine or physical therapy.

December 2010
A new study from Brazil compares muscular strengthening with segmental stabilization in patients with low back pain. Segmental stabilization was far more impressive, with an average functional improvement of 90% being realized.

November 2010
By implementing FMS (functional movement systems) prior to developing the work-out programs of 433 firefighters, time lost from work due to injury was decreased by 63% and injuries were decreased by 42% in 12 months.

October 2010
In A Small Sample Size, It Was Suggested That Chiropractic Care And Soft Tissue Therapy May Help Prevent Muscle Injuries Such As Hamstring Strains In Athletes.  It Also Showed A Decrease Of Low Back Pain With No Reported Adverse Reactions To Treatment (a larger sample size is needed in a similar study to verify results – 2010)

October 2010
Individualized Chiropractic Care Offers More Efficient Clinical Results When Compared To A Cookie-Cutter Approach (2010)

September 2010
Flexion-Distraction Chiropractic Treatment Was Shown, In One Study, To Lead To Less Recurrent Visits To Health Care Professionals In The Year Following Treatment When Compared To Physical Therapy (follow-up studies are recommended to verify findings – 2006)


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